C - litter from Velvet Mountain...

The Ceccato´s arrived at 02.02.2015 :-) 2 Males (chocolate & red), 2 chocolate Females and 1 Female in black. All is going well :-) *click*

Parents are:


C.I.E & It.Ch. Skovfarmen`s Brown Balto "Kinai"

Denmark Import



Aliborgs Goowarra Gordon &

Whyalla´s Black Cita

Colour: chocolate

HD A (free)

ED 0/0 (free)

Heart: free

Teeth: full dentition

Size: 52 cm

More you can find here *click*

CH & BSG11 Kaja Kelpiebrink
Netherlands Import

Parents: Lennox Kelpiebrink & Maeglin Gijste
Colour: black
HD A (free)
Eyes: clear
Heart: free
Teeth: full dentition
Size: 48 cm

Pedigree C-litter.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 99.5 KB